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Educational Technology Integration with a Spin

Technology is now here to stay. Why not get some tips and latest commentary on how technology can create a more robust learning environment.


Trending in Edtech: CUE 22

Back Together Conferences always bring new ideas, energy for changes in instructional practices, and new networking opportunities. I recently attended the Spring CUE 22 conference in Palm Springs, in which over two thousand educators gathered to share ideas, connect and view the latest in education technology.  The CUE (Computer Users in Education) conference is the…More

Post Pandemic: Has Teaching Changed?

March 13, 2019, for many educators in California and nationwide, was a day that will forever be etched in their memories. It was the day that many school districts closed temporarily, or so they thought, due to the spread and uncertainty of COVID-19. What nobody could have seen was that these closures would become more…More

The Host

Christian Miraglia

Christian is a 36 year award-winning educator who leads the way with technology integration and pedagogical principles in the classroom. Having spent most of his career teaching history, he devotes his time to technology integration ideas in the subject. He can be found on Twitter @T4edtech and on YouTube at Transformative Edtech where he produces content for K-12 educators, and at T4edtech.com where he provides consulting in the area of educational technology. Christian can also be found on the bike paths of Southern California as he ponders his next idea for post or video.

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